Parish Council Replies

Email reply - March 2020



Thank you for your email.

I have been on to Gladman’s and informed them that the cut-off date is not good enough.

I understand they sent out 500 leaflets. I explained to them that Sellindge PC prints 700 for their newsletters.

They have told me they will accept comments after the 1st of April. They have promised to carry out another consultation with any updates or suggestions they receive.

I have put the posters in the village hall windows (facing out) so they can be seen. These are what would have been used at the cancelled exhibition. There is also a link on the Sellindge PC website.

While we know they can be a difficult company to work with, and the village is not wanting any further developments, they are following the rules and regulations, therefore we need to communicate with Gladman to prevent any future accusations from Gladman that the village and/or the Parish Council did not engage so obviously were not interested.

Like all parish councils we have to walk a very tight line.